5 Benefits of Bus Advertising from Berger to TBS

Bus advertising

Bus advertising is seen as one of the most effective means of out of home advertising that guarantees TOMA effect (top of the mind awareness) in that buses transport from one location to another. There are many stations and routes that these buses move. One of them is from Berger to TBS.

Advertising on Brt that goes from Berger to Lagos-island is one of the best marketing locations your business can feast on because of the class of other road users, the numbers and type of firms around and the type of business they do.

A large crowd of business-oriented minds that either need products or services use these buses that drive from Berger through 7up, Iyana-oworo, 3rd mainland bridge up to Obalende and TBS.

About 76% of the people that board these buses are Large and medium-scale traders that need to shop from the Lagos island market or employed workers that work at the island but stay around Berger, Ojudu and its environment, while the remaining 24% are regular shoppers who need to shop at the market or people that have things to do on the island but don’t want to drive or don’t own a car.

These buses stay busy till their closing hours.

Why You Should Advertise On These Buses

The bus route is a strategic metropolitan area of the state, with about 1,100,000 sights catching the slick beauty of your advert in an average of 15 trips daily.

The pickup station is close to a neighbourhood called Omole and Magodo estate respectively.

There are lots of high earners living in these places and they drive to work every morning, the beauty of the wrap will catch their attention every morning. 

 The slow-moving traffic in places like Ogudu and Iyana-oworo is also an advantage to make the high and middle-class earners stay glued to the adverts for about 120seconds.

The routes these buses pass give you a mix of different potential target audiences from the High-income earner to the middle-class income earner.

These buses create more impression as they move around the city compared to the stagnant billboards which is what makes them more effective. 

The Brt bus present at the Berger station is the LBSL(Lagos Bus Service Limited) bus  which cost N 230,000 for printing and wrapping per bus for the first month and N 200,000 for the subsequent months The Brt bus has proven to be the most effective form of advertising in the state

The benefit of Bus Advertising

  • They are cost-effective
  • They keep your brand’s message in customer’s minds which increases purchasing potential
  •  The ads are impossible to ignore
  • It appeals to audiences in your demographics due to its size and visibility
  • They reach a series of audiences at a different locations at the same time
  • Road users get the message regardless of them listening to the radio or driving

Best Products To Advertise On These route

The Financial institutions can advertise their products on these buses, Products like loans or investment packages will sell fast.

Fintech companies that can make payment transactions smooth also have a high advantage in advertising on these buses.

The buses are good for government awareness campaigns to display the achievements of the administration.

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