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Many people believe that having quality products is all you need to make sales and out compete their competitors. So, they prefer to invest more time, money and other resources on developing quality products but little or nothing on how to market and sell their products.

Having quality products is good but failing to advertise/market your product is bad business ethics. It could be likened to a man winking at a lady while in the dark. Only he knows what he is doing. Nobody else. 

Without advert, how do you sell? Who do you reach out to? and How do people see your products?  

With advertising, You are able to promote,  create awareness, reach out to your target audience and it is an easy way to sell without stress.

Imagine investing in advertising  a product and people from different parts of the world reach out to you to purchase that particular product that they saw. You will make more profit and from there you tend to create a strong relationship with your customers

Invest more on advertising than only having quality products because you earn more profits when you promote your product or service with advertisements than when you stock quality products.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is  a  marketing way of  promoting and creating awareness for a product or brands with the intention of dragging traffic to your website and making sales.

They are ways of communicating to users of a product or service.When advertising your products or service, you communicate with your target audience, alerting them of the product available. This communication can be done using social media platforms, emails,SEO, Out of home advertising and so on.

In Nigeria today, We have people who are in charge of advertising a product or brand  for businesses or companies.

The advertising companies in Nigeria are in charge of the creation of advertising and marketing plans specific to your product, business and brand. They work with your company or business objective or plan, maintain your budget and develop advertising and marketing campaigns to suit and satisfy your business, products or brand needs.

Outdoors and Billboards Nigeria as the top advertising companies in Nigeria has really helped a lot of businesses to grow and reach out to their targeted audience and drag more traffic to their various websites.  

We initiate, manage, and implement paid marketing communications.  Advertising Companies in Nigeria have experts that create adverts that would in turn drive a good sale to the client’s business. Most advertising companies in Nigeria, make use of the traditional media such as Television, radio, billboards, ad newspapers, to showcase the adverts.

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In addition, some other companies are also into marketing communication, public relation, marketing information and sale promotion. Etc. These companies are paid to promote your products or services. It could be done online or offline.

We have different ways of promoting your products or services, which includes:

  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Traditional Advertising

Display Advertising

In this type of advertising, we use images, videos or gift items to show users on the websites they visit. This display ads pops up when a product user is using a website at a particular time. The display ads could either be in landscape,skyscraper or square formats with images.

Video Advertising

It is a marketing strategy that involves creating a short or informative video that allows you to view a product and is played during or after the main video.Video advertisment allows the marketer to engage their audience in the form of using video content.

We display these videos on billboards, televisions and mobiles.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising refers to any form of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as phones and computers. Business owners or companies advertise on these devices through text ads via SMS or banner advertisements that appear on a mobile website. Companies use phones and computers to promote their product.

Traditional Advertising

This type of advertising is done offline. We print, send emails, phone calls,broadcast and outdoors advertising like billboards.From newspapers to radios, this type of marketing helps in reaching the targeted audience.

Why You Need Advertising Companies For You Business 

Most businesses or firms that are famous today came to light through advertising companies. We help you promote your brand or business.  

We use advertising to show your audience  the quality and benefits of your products and services.How effective your products are than similar competitors’ products.

In most cases, we feel it is necessary for us to advertise because your  competitors are blanketing the newspapers page or television airwaves with their own ads.

Cost Of Advertising In Nigeria

Advertising cost is the financial accounting that covers the expenses that are used in promoting a product or brand.

This could be the cost of running ads on your page such as magazines, newspapers,TV and radio stations, websites and billboards. In most cases  the media buy and you pay for the number of times the ads appears.while some buy the cost they get on responses.

The cost of advertising in Nigeria is based on the medium you want to use. How long, period and time you want it to last.

Advertising In Different Locations In Nigeria

Advertising in different locations in Nigeria has really helped firms and businesses to reach different segments of their target audience.  Advertising in most locations in Nigeria is more profitable because of the population of people and class of people. 

Advertising in places like Lagos,Abuja, Port Harcourt etc, where you  have people of different class and  populations, the business or brand you are promoting will reach  your targeted audience fast and advertising in this places in Nigeria can help your business grow globally and people from different part of the country will patronize you, from there you begin to build strong relationships with your customer. Advertising in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt will drag more traffic to your website.


Advertising is the act of promoting our products and services, you want to create awareness and drag more traffic to your website. Before setting up a business consider those you want to sell to, How do you reach out to them and How you can promote your product through them.

Always invest more on advertising and reach out to advertising companies to promote your brand because you tend to earn more when you advertise. 

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